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0000141BwPostmanSubscribers Backendpublic2023-05-02 12:37
Reporterstaesgr Assigned ToRomana  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformJoomla 4.2.9OSWindows 11 Professionnel 64bits 
Product Version4.1 
Summary0000141: Unable to modify nor add subscribers
DescriptionWhen trying to edit and modify a field in the subscriber's vcard
When trying to add a new subcriber manually

I get the error message " 4 arguments are required, 3 given " and then the table club7491_bwpostman_subscribers is locked
Steps To ReproduceGo to Joomla backend / Components / BWPostman / Subsscribers
Try to modify existing subscriber or try to manualy add nw subscriber
Additional InformationImport from CSV file works as expectect apart that all subscribers are set as MALE.
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2023-03-17 11:12


bwpostman.jpg (33,641 bytes)   
bwpostman.jpg (33,641 bytes)   


2023-03-17 11:50

administrator   ~0000074

Hello staesgr,

thank You for reporting Your problems. But if this would be general bugs, BwPostman would never have passed the tests and therefore it would never be published. It must be specific to Your data or Your options set for BwPostman.

Let us begin with Your data:

Could You provide me Your saved tables (BwPostman Backend -> Maintenance -> saveTables)? Then I can take a look, whether I can find this problem.

Also You could sen me Your import file to have a look at the second problem.

Please send me Your data to



2023-03-18 17:46

reporter   ~0000075

Hello Romana,
I have no doubt BwPostman is not the cause of the issue.
Having no coding nor Dev expertise I'm tunring to you :)
Email with requested data has been sent to you.
Kind regards,

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