Scheduled For Release 2019-01-25
0000034: [Newsletters Backend] Improved selecting articles of Joomla while creating/editing a newsletter
0000028: [Newsletters Backend] NL edit tab not remembered
0000033: [Security] encrypting XML-ZIP-file of saved tables
0000077: [General] better help links to improved doumentation
0000022: [Subscribers Backend] export subscribers only from selected mailing list (Romana)
0000093: [Newsletters Frontend] Number of subscribers displayable in newsletter
0000074: [Newsletters Backend] Mutiple attachments for newsletter
0000067: [General] Improve/revise accessibility
0000072: [Newsletters Backend] Editor button for additional field at newsletter edit
0000005: [Security] Implement ACL properly
0000018: [Newsletters Backend] list used mailing lists in footer
0000107: [General] Move some methods to helper classes
0000120: [Newsletters Frontend] SQL syntax error at newsletters list at front end (Romana)
0000045: [Newsletters Backend] Content templates for newsletters (Romana)
0000119: [Maintenance Backend] Restore of tables with zip file doesn't work (Romana)
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Scheduled For Release 2019-04-26
0000071: [General] Add possibility to send last newsletter to new subscribers
0000073: [General] Create, edit and send newsletters from frontend
0000042: [General] Plugin for time-controlled sending of single newsletters (payed)
0000031: [Maintenance Backend] Save settings/options while saving tables
0000106: [General] Revise error handling
0000075: [Newsletters Backend] add K2 articles to select list at edit newsletter (Romana)
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Scheduled For Release 2019-07-26
0000080: [Documentation] Revise and illustrate documentation
0000109: [General] Logging (Romana)
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Scheduled For Release 2020-01-24
Collector for features without particular target
0000076: [Usability Backend] add sample data?
0000037: [General] language handling on multi-language websites
0000019: [Templates Backend] alternative text for created by and date
0000017: [Templates Backend] selectable background color for imprint
0000032: [General] template previews pack to zip at uninstall
0000036: [Maintenance Backend] Additional view to see a list of settings of BwPostman, the paths to CSS files…
0000047: [General] Plugin for success measurement (payed)
0000043: [General] Plugin for time-controlled sending of whole campaigns (payed)
0000044: [General] Plugin for split tests (a/b-tests) (payed)
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