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0000139BwPostmanSubscribers Frontendpublic2022-09-06 11:08
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Product Version2.3 
Summary0000139: no captcha on index.php?option=com_bwpostman&view=register
The Captcha is not displayed on the 'index.php?option=com_bwpostman&view=register' page. However, when I enter 'exit();' in the file 'components\com_bwpostman\controllers\register.php' on line 481 in the function showCaptcha insert, the captcha is displayed to me.

@@ -477,5 +478,6 @@
     public function showCaptcha()
+ exit();
Additional InformationJoomla 3.9.28
PHP 7.4.30
Apache 2.4.54 + PHP-FPM



2022-09-06 11:08

administrator   ~0000060

I now have checked this with a fresh installation of Joomla! 3.9.28 and a therefore also fresh installation of BwPostman 3.2.1, then added my test data, bur I could not reproduce this error. Perhaps a problem with the used template?

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