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0000147BwPostman TimeControlUsability Backendpublic2023-08-30 23:22
Reporterkury Assigned ToRomana  
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Summary0000147: BwPostman time control no longer available

Since the last update, the "timecontrol" service no longer triggers on my installation.

However, I perform the same operations as before:
- I start the cron
- my newsletter is marked as ready to send with a date
- I wait for the cron interval; I've been waiting more than 24 hours...

There's nothing in the queue, and the newsletter status doesn't change. There's nothing in the logs (even at DEBUG level).

I've tried stopping apache, stopping the cron, clearing the cache and sessions, starting from scratch, even redoing the newsletter, but nothing.

Is there another way to monitor the cron service? Could you help me?

thanks in advance

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2023-08-20 15:15

administrator   ~0000091

Hello Marion,

sorry for the late answer.

You really stumbled on an error of BwTimeControl. To be able to deal correctly with the restrictive SQL server modes 'NO_ZERO_IN_DATE' and 'NO_ZERO_DATE' I had to change the column settings for mailing_date. So this column can hold the nulldate for previous newsletters and NULL for newer newsletters. But I forgot to enhance the query, which checks the mailing date at BwTimeControl.

The only thing You can do is to wait some days, until I can publish a new version of BwTimeControl.

But if You are in hurry, let me know, then we will find a workaround.



2023-08-23 11:20

reporter   ~0000092

ok thanks ! I can wait some days


2023-08-28 16:21

reporter   ~0000093

Thanks for the update. It's ok for this problem but it creates other... Timecontrol seams to not respect sending delay.


2023-08-28 16:26

administrator   ~0000094

Hello Marion,

sorry for this new inconvenience. I have to investigate, but this could last more than only a few days, perhaps 3 or 4 weeks, I am very busy.



2023-08-30 23:22

administrator   ~0000096

Hello Marion.

I found some spare time and fixed this bug. Release date is scheduled for this Saturday.


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