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0000045BwPostmanNewsletters Backendpublic2019-01-23 21:09
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Summary0000045: Content templates for newsletters
DescriptionAfter templates for the look of a newsletter it may be desirable to also have content templates to easily create newsletters based at a predefined content. Example: Invitation to an event, that repeats intermittently.
Additional InformationPrincipally this is not really needed because one is already able to create a newsletter as a content template and copy and edit this one for a specific purpose. In this connection it shouldn't be forgotten, that this newsletter must not be sent.
I can imagine that there is an option with the newsletter which marks it as content template. This should prevent from sending this newsletter.
I also can imagine, that there is a warning at this newsletter if it shall be edited, that this is a content template. Perhaps a JavaScript box with the options
- edit anyway
- copy and edit the copy
- cancel
At the list of newsletters the marker is displayed and also the filter for newsletters should be enhanced with
- only contend templates
- without content templates
This could be a separate filter.
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